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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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Time has taken it’s toll
Inept in finding my role
Attempts to bind myself in a whole
Subsequent failures pecking at the soul

Finding myself over the hill
Life seems drifting still
Unable to find my keel
Blind, moving with just the feel

Simmering visions of a made up desire
Starts and chases haunted by failure
Burned ceaselessly by my own ire
Every positive intent halted by the listless fire

Weight of fitting in a mould
Crumbling under expectations old
Artillery of friends and neighbors bold
Heavier still of family and the tight hold

Empathy, that I lately abide
A relentless scam, a ruthless snide
Unmirrored, I wish to change the side
Or take the high road, avoid the fight

Cultures vary, but this is distraught
A two front war cannot be fought
Safety net should be sought
Breaking free, encouraged, taught