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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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Stream of memories, an endless flow
A constant tug, won’t slack nor let go

Vivid images, all consuming
Relentless, unabashed, all subsuming

Attempts at self-reliance, fervent yet fruitless
Your love a drip, intravenous, ceaseless

Dreams, I pray, a relief, virgin space
Punishing instead, their torturous embrace

Reliving moments, incessant, paralyzed
Vivid, beyond reach, aching for the void

Body awakes, but mind protests
Day renews, but pain endures

Blank stare, lying numb
Heart racing, morning glum

Time passes, a blare awaited
Impetus impassive, firm, unmotivated

Aimless movements, autonomic chores
Bare minimum responsibilities, no growth

Pings of pain, unwavering fears
Yearning irrepressible, silent tears

Urge to reach out, no one to abide
To profess, to plead, nor confide

Curtain of memories, blinding reality
Stumbling through fog, hope for duality

Cavalier over decades, the ego brewed
Hardened, deftly crumbled by solitude

Intolerable ache, no longer my own
Anguish intense, impulse to disown

Intensified connection, bodies apart
Echoes of past, thaws the heart

Delayed realization, my time with you
Ecstacy in hindsight, eternal joy in few

Emotional unison, our precious trove
A lifeless soul, propped up by love

Time stands still in your absence, my love
I implore mercy O’Lord, deliver me from above

Her gentle nudge to turn me about
Her violent attempt to snap me out