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I have been reading Fogus’s year end blogs where he highlights the best things and stuff he encountered every year. Inspired by the consistency & quality of the content, I am starting with this post (which hopefully becomes a running series) listing great things I read, watched, used, discovered in 2023.

Favorite Articles

  • A decade of discontent is coming: In what seems like a response to Marc Andreessen’s “manifesto” (which ticked me off to no end), this article details our collective slow realization of the economic, social, and environmental challenges intertwined with technology and potential backlash after years of accumulating discontent.
  • Making God: ~9000 words of brilliance on AI and techno-futurism. It has so many great quotable lines.

  • Effective obfuscation: I was introduced to concept of Effective Altruism while following SBF’s FTX saga. This article simplified it for me how many immoral / unethical actions can be easily justified by exploiting this philosophy.

  • How the Elon Musk biography exposes Walter Isaacson: Even one of the most popular authors couldn’t stay away from chasing more book sales. Instead of a neutral potrayal, Walter Isaascon portrays Elon as a quirky genius. 2023 was surely the year I was completely disillusioned by Elon.

Favorite Journalists / Newsletters / Podcasts

Favorite Tech Talks

In Google, my team works on C++. Though I don’t actively program, I try to keep up with new developments.

Favorite Movies

Favorite TV Shows

  • Andor: Its simply anti-fascist art. Pace, dialogue, direction it’s all perfect.
  • Slow Horses, Season 3: This british spy show continues to be unique and thrilling.
  • The Bear, Season 2: Despite being in season 2 (where the uniqueness is lost), the show reached new peaks. It had so many brilliant episodes.
  • Beef: A thriller that starts with a road rage and ends up exploring anger, anxiety and existentialism. Also, Steven Yeun is perhaps the greatest working actor today.
  • Barry, Season 4: This season had some misses, but overall still was one of the best shows ever created. Who knew Bill Hader had so many talents.
  • The Rheahersal: Most bizzare TV series I have seen. I don’t even know how to describe it. Nathan Fielder is a mad man and should be institutionalized :)

Favorite Videos

Software used

  • ZSH powerlevel10k: Started using this zsh theme. My terminal now looks fresh and inviting.


In an effort to find more joy and fulfillment in life, I am planning to diversify how I spend my time. An aspirational list of all the things I plan to do in 2024. Strong emphasis on aspirational :)


Speaking of given up hobbies, I would love to resume photography again. I enjoyed it while it lasted. After a ton of research I settled on buying Fujifilm XS-20 camera and Viltrox 27mm f1.2 or Fuji 18mm f1.4 lens. With an upcoming trip, I am hoping there is a spark of creativity. I would love to someday afford Hasselblad X2D and 90V lens. The sharpness is unparalleled.

Resurrect DefogTech

Its been 4 years since I have consistently posted to YouTube. I posted couple of videos on NoSQL 2 years ago and stopped due to lack of traction. Had I kept creating video over the last 4 years, this YouTube gig could have become a good self-employment option. With the pause, my desire for learning also reduced. I want to re-experience the joy of learning and YouTube seems to be right artificial push. There are tons to topics I want to create videos on. Though, this time instead of putting pressure on myself, I am planning to create less polished videos just to get the train off the platform.

I also want to setup the site to host the same YouTube videos with search. The aim is to have redundancy for the YouTube channel and lay foundation for potential future platform.

Papers to read

Things to explore

  • WASM: The direction WASM is heading is promising! It has the potential to change development in many areas starting with web.
  • Zig: Rust is overwhelmingly complex for me, similar to C++, despite being a much newer language. I saw few Zig videos and it seems like a well designed under-the-radar language. It looks simple, run by a non-profit. With 1.0 release approaching, it might be a good time to dip the toes in the water.
  • Java Virtual Threads: Feature that will change Java’s concurrency dramatically. I have been waiting for this to be stable for 5+ years now.


I plan to read atleast 10 books next year. My TODO list has been accumulating for months now. A random sampling:




Over the last 2 years, I learned bit of ASL through Google sponsored courses. Its been an awesome experience and I plan to continue undertaking more advanced courses in 2024.

Onward to 2024!