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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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A connection frail, yet refuses to sever
Biding time, made to wait forever

Layers of self-apathy, built up over time
Calcified, life buried within, fails to climb

From inside, a cocoon that protects and nurtures
In reality, a bubble that traps and tortures

Soul demands fight, a fiery desire to egress
Yet chained, embodied, a statue hopeless

Momentarily found a footing, again in a freefall
Unjust the capture, abhorrent the thrall

Screams drown into void, no one to abet
Rooted introverts, devoid of a safety net

Unsheathe the dagger, summon strength to peirce
Stop staring at the incoming abyss, plunge it fierce

Steady now, ascension will begin eventually
Exigency, pause the disintegration imminently

Self preservation is autonomic, I take no pride
Like a patient stopped, from attempted suicide

Exhausted, spent, the ceaseless clashes
Far from “phoenix rising from the ashes”

Strenuous the act, doesn’t feel like a rebirth
Bloodless battle, still questioning self-worth

Putting myself together, bit by bit
Blood binding the flesh, drop by drop

Statue remains motionless, cracks begun to appear
Rebel inside stirred into sun, the will rose sheer

Light breaks through, a triumphant reprise
Or this flame’s last flickr, an untimely demise