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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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Blades of morning grass
Swayed in fresh breeze
The dew drops, the stream,
The garden, the trees

“Deepak”, words rung
They broke my reverie
Awake or asleep this instant?
A condition, so weary

Sharp out of daze
It was your smile
Just your presence
Enough to drift awhile

You moved with abandon
The skirt’s twist & turn
Elegance personified
My quest to discern

You stopped and stared
Piercing deep brown eyes
Intoxicating, the charm
Hypnotic, frozen, effusive tries

Your being inspires poetry
Fervent, beauty divine
Lips to embarrass a rose
The moan to still even time

Close as touch,
Yet unreachable, a crest
Each tick, a lifetime
An indefinite test

Such beauty, the urge
To whisk you off your feet
Or swoon over your elegance
On my knees, entreat

Unbounded love
Winged but not yet wild
Only smiles & glances
Akin a helpless child

Yhe agony, the confusion
Punishment and bethrow
‘I deserve’, an illusion
Soul pleads, forgive & forgo

Elusive, this rapture
Embrace the flow
For once, my love
Just let go

“Beauty in eyes of beholder”,
She said in kind
With smile and a shake, I told her
“The world is blind”