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first blush, provoked a blank stare
the devil grinned, muttered ‘beware’

mirage it must, in this world of shadow
defiant breeze, invigorating meadow

your eyes, they bedim the stars
your smile, could stop the wars

your hair, to bewilder a stream
your voice, to startle a dream

your grace, to seduce the red
your physique, to rouse the dead

description, inconceivable verbal
an angel, ageless immortal

any resistance, futile and fraught
against manifestation of ‘smoking hot’

even your wraith, quelled the thirst
it rose again, your aura, the lust

provocative, such charge and fire
a queen, impervious to extrinsic desire

oblivious to own power, fluttering unaware
sole hope for meeks, elude the spell, go dare

urge to overpower, to touch and kiss
angst of sullying, your soft pink lips

brush of my fingers, across your waist
I pull you closer, getting a taste

the hold and kiss, ascension and zest
the charge electric, does not accord protest

unruly the tension, possessed, I accede
fire engulfs, then you concede

the struggle retracts, your lips part
you loosen the grip, bodies no longer apart

pleading ‘yes’, you accept defeat
intertwined, start & end, no longer discrete

rhythmic movement, I hear your moan
let alone mortals, it would stir a stone

euphoric the end, broken with a smile
moment of ecstasy, devoid of guile

nectar of Gods, girl of dreams
it’d force a slob, become man of means

blinded by self, misgave premonition
I’m now a fanatic, you my addiction

nobody knows you like I do, thank the lord
It’d cause an uproar, battle of the gods

your presence, triggers dilation
your proximity, spurs exhilaration
your touch, reveals liberation
your absence, breeds sedation