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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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Greetings city dwellers, I’m a morning dew drop..
You might not know me, my discovery requires a long hop

I live in the wilderness, eternal vast and green..
I like to hide in the roses, to remain unseen

Shiny and sparkly I am, like a diamond lying around..
Reflecting the world onto itself, projecting it small and round

Beauty seems abundant, I want to see it all for sure..
I roll off the leaves briskly, like a traveller eager to explore

In the darkness I think and introspect as the world grows old..
When the birds chirp its a sign, the visual glory about to unfold

With open arms I await my fate, while the time ticks ever so slow..
It was glorious while it lasted, the morning sun has begun to glow

I perish every day as the world begins to stir..
Only to be resurrected when it succumbs to the blur

The world looks splendid as I near my total spend..
I appreciate it even more, since nigh is my inevitable end

Akin to my shelf-life, this poem remains short..
Until tomorrow, signing off, the humble dew drop