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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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Save me..
For my repentance won’t age
For my mind won’t pledge
For my sins won’t hedge
For the monkey isn’t caged

Save me..
From the consuming addiction
From the lack of conviction
From the flailing volition
From the laziness within

Save me..
From this baseless jealousy
From this material fallacy
From the needs superfluous
From the struggle tenuous

Save me..
From this pinned delusion
From this grand deception
From the constant stimuli
From the inner strife

Save me..
For it’s dark through the day
For this cruelty won’t abate
For the voice grows meek
For the foundation is weak

Save me..
For I beg you Mother
For it’s only you, none other
For I can’t win on my own
For your gifts aren’t adorn

Save me..
For you are merciful
For your love is unconditional
For you’ve saved plentiful
For I will be eternal dutiful

Save me