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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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Yours is not to judge and opine every moment’s behest..
Yours is to experience only love and be oblivious to the rest

Yours is not to react to flattery nor provocations..
Yours is to be a beam of love, unswerving for all creations

Yours is it not to climb this material world; that’s not the quest..
Yours is to dwell within; harmonious, soul and God abreast

Yours is not to struggle in this quicksand of world’s chaos..
Yours is to sidestep; steadfast towards quietude and solace

Yours is not to expect spontaneous grant of all spiritual wisdom..
Yours is to build faith, and let the soul emerge with its insight

Yours is not to find rationale on the surface, only to return dimmer..
Yours is to find a level deeper and let your heart simmer

Yours is not to force matters of heart’s flutter..
Yours is to be lost, deep in Her eyes, let longing suffer

Yours is not to do..
Yours is to be