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does he live in the beauty of this nature..
or does he live in earth’s every creature

does he live in statues and temples..
or does he live in photos and memorials

does he live in each and everyone of us..
or does he live outside, engulfing the universe

did he create this universe, the earth and it’s creatures..
or did he create the laws of physics and let it run its course

did he create only one earth and one universe..
or did he create infinite versions of everyone of us

did he create us post thousands of other species..
or we are souls as eternal as himself just altering bodies

did he program us with a beautiful and vastly complex algorithm..
or has he given us free will and sparked evolution’s natural rhythm

can he predict our behavior..
or does he want to change our motives, ulterior

does he account for all of our deeds..
or does he forgive like a parent when the child pleads

is he happy with the world & where its headed..
or having seen atrocities over generations, is he all jaded

does he like to be liked by all us..
or is he beyond needs of the mortals like us

does he want us to be his friend..
or does he want us to be his children

does he want us to be connected to each other..
or does he want us to connect to him and no other

does he greet us warmly when we eventually perish..
or does he quip, I’d given you decades worth to cherish

is he always around, omnipresent divine..
or has he left our world and its been a long time

we’ve made up our minds on few while searching answers for many..
the real question to ask is, are we even worthy of any