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Often, I wonder
If there can be love without tears

Tears not of pain.. but
Of pure joy
Of your heart giving in
Of ego accepting defeat
Of soul declaring surrender

Often, I wonder
If the literature of love is real

Unconditional.. demanding
Of only attention
Of no special qualities
Of no hard earned knowledge
Of no right of passage

Often, I wonder
If intensity of love can be measured

Naive interactions..
Of hand holding
Of infectious smiles
Of innocent questions
Of call outs for the beloved

Often, I wonder
If everyone experiences love

Of being lost in its purity
Of a feeling overwhelming
Of dim realization in hindsight
Of an experience allowed to partake

Often, I wonder
If such love can be repaid

There isn’t enough..
Of material value to match
Of love in my tiny heart
Of gratitude to go around
Of authority over you, to work around

Often, I wonder
If she isn’t you, yourself, Radhe