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They pity the fool
They saw him in despair
Help him at once, for we’re wiser
Our belief, we must share

Tie the knot, they said
With someone who cares
Its established, this world
Is only made for pairs

Stop the vigilance, tending
they continued, the caloric quantity
Being thin, a sign of the weak
Hazardous even, an unfit personality

Buy a home, a car
They’re a life’s measure
Portray the success
Convert your treasure

Go out, mingle
Don’t bear, belong, at the party
Being alone amongst billions
Doesn’t fit; its out of place, tardy

For happiness that eludes me,
they’ve attained, I presume
The secret I yearned for
they’ve unlocked, I assume

They care, they try, constantly
For the fool, to attain a joyful life
End the friction between us sects
They call for an end to this strife

O’ world, said the fool
I am grateful, for unearned
your compassion, the grants
I empathize, your helpless struggle

For the price to evolve
to conform, is too high
Breaking free, harder even
She continues the try

I am no fool, mind you
Its worse, arrogant, dumb
Being lured into innocence
Waiting lifetimes to succumb