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Undercurrent of pain surfaces too often, for all years I wasted failing to acknowledge you..
O Divine Mother, do forgive me, for it must have been equally painful for you too

This phase of life feels all so strange; from detachment trudging towards admiration..
Ours is an upstream flow compared to this material world’s every relation

I did not know any better, knowledge was blinded by this body’s constant calls to indulge..
Like when natural rhythm of time takes over and memory cells refuse to divulge

Though it wasn’t precinct, knowledge came hastily, rushed, not in pieces one after another..
Reaching middle age, my actions are still understated, the unexpressed love for my Mother

I hope the progression is relentless, and I jump past the spiritual teenage years..
With no stage of taking you for granted, I’d rather be a child with many irrational fears

Crying a river for your attention, screaming for you not being in my sight..
This is probably the ‘surrender’ veds claim, a way to bliss and eternal delight

I am sure you will arrive, for I will be clocking in years of languish..
A Mother cannot sustain a blind eye towards Her son in such anguish

I am sure you will place my head in your lap and caress my hair..
Your presence would be enough, yet blissful will be your tenderness and care

The wheels of progression, prayed upon, will keep turning, until I settle on true love..
My heart will finally grasp its core nature, which is not to expect, but just to love

A token of this love will be wrapped, presented to you by each tear rolling down my face…
The only way I know to call out to my Mother; O Divine Mother, I wait intently for your grace