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Those gorgeous eyes like the earth’s green..
and those straight hair, you looked like a queen

The chubby cheeks and the dimpled smile..
Then why wouldn’t getting ready take a while

It was crowded, awful lot of people..
Yet you stood out, like water, it was clear and simple

Everyone likes you, its no surprise..
Full of joy you are, like an angel in guise

Lights danced and the music soared..
I am glad everyone on the floor went overboard

We boogied while inhibitions went lower..
then someone requested the music to go slower

Left alone by gaya & mau, you were cornered..
It was sweet, we made it work, hope it wasn’t awkward

My sis was being married, the moments were tough..
me, my family and our tearful snuff

Amidst all tears, yours was a smile..
encouraging my sister to be happy every mile

My relatives harassed you, without a cause..
accept my deepest apologies, in good fun it was

They shed all seriousness and played it like a game..
oh that alkesh, hetal and sandhya-ben

The joke was stretched, the odds were few..
We could be a good team I hoped, I wished, I just knew

With time running out, I floundered, I hassled..
So much to say, tons to know, albeit, our meets castled

You turned me down though the goodbye was playful..
I think you were being considerate, for that I’m grateful

Blink-of-an-eye came the end to all of this..
am I forced to think of it as just two days of bliss?

Forgetting the moments will be amiss..
there will be times, when we all will reminisce

May be it’s wrong, maybe it’s not fair..
Give it a chance, unless you don’t care

I don’t ask for much, neither promise you any..
If nothing else, people will call us chummy

If rivers are experiences, with our closed ones in tow..
Then these memories are the energetic underflow

I digress, I overthink, when the thoughts flow..
Its 1 am, my dreams are calling, got to go