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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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A fuzz ball cute and cuddly..
Always cheerful and bubbly

Running around ungated..
Spreading love unabated

Your nature confounds me..
Enthralls me, stirs me

Pulling in the weary..
By hand, if necessary

To play and have fun abound..
For me undeserved, unfound

Infinite supply of love, acceptance..
Universal need, fueling sustenance

Spotted a many, alone, engaged, content..
Rarity even amongst adults in ascent

Tender age of 2 compels astound..
I’m sparse to turn the puzzle around

Mother’s love blinds the queer..
Strangers witness, day-light theatre

Curly hair and round face..
Reminisce, Krishna and His Grace

Parts equal, innocent and naughty..
Akin, Radha and Her Grace

I thank Her, affection, unconditional..
Vessels change, love remains

Yours truly..
Uncle Uncle