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Fear of closed spaces or of heights..
Or of insects and darkness of the nights

Fear of a bad grade or a red mark in school..
Or of speaking your mind and being proven a fool

Fear of being a deserter and pressing abort..
Or the fear of cheating and getting caught

Fear of mischiefs and mom’s scolding..
Or of death and God’s eventual accounting

Fear of the proposal and whether she will disprove..
Or of the parents who still might not approve

Fear of not being liked by your children; or an estranged wife..
Or of not realizing your true potential, pondered over at far end of life

Fear of giving it all and yet ending up all alone..
Or of being outcasted, with no one to even hear your moan

Fear can turn into either joy or sadness, and sometimes into relief..
Awaiting it’s fate, it is inevitable, to dislodge your own belief

We never share our fear with closed ones, a conclusion quite logical..
Curled up alone in the darkness, you wonder if getting away is even possible

It’s like seeing a ghost, during an otherwise peaceful night..
When you can’t outrun it, let alone putting up a fight

Fear grows with age; gets uglier even if it remains cloaked..
It dies naturally if ignored; becomes a monster if ever stoked

Fear can scare you into thinking the worst is yet to come..
Though it keeps you grounded, alive and most of all, a human

I wonder if realization of fear is worse or if fear in itself, more affront..
Is hope uplifting or is it better dealing with a problem known upfront

So answer me sweet friend, unless you want to keep it due..
Do you control your fear or does it control you?