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Software developer, amateur photographer

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‘protect your queen’ the soldiers screamed amidst chaos..
the colosseum was engulfed by dust and murderers seeking payoff

the ground quenched its thirst.. none spared, neither women nor daughters
merciless, faceless, men.. a ruthlessly executed slaughter

surrounded, the queen stood still.. today, the fate would be sealed
her choices flashed against the sun.. while soldiers kept her concealed

she felt responsible, and cursed herself for soldiers’ plight..
one last breath, she closed her eyes; this was no longer a winning fight

when oppression takes control and end of an angel is nigh..
courage and loyalty rise from the ashes.. fearless, ready to die

it spread the wings across the field..
their enormity formed her only shield

he flew, he swung as fiercely as he roared..
the moment froze, as even his growl soared

he engulfed the sun and announced his presence
once disgruntled, believed to be long lost..
it breathed venom and fire to protect the mother
she must be saved at any cost.. at any cost

Drogon suffers as the spears are hurled
against all odds, the queen rushes to protect her child..
she climbs on his back; the whisper of ‘fly’
and he soars towards the sky with triumphant roar so wild