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Software developer, amateur photographer

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From afar, life seems full of mystery and wonder..
Yet, inescapable is the sea of turmoil, hidden under

Amidst these rough seas, we attempt to grasp life’s rudder ..
Trying perpetually to get control of it, while it keeps drifting farther

Time flows eternally; sprouting decision tree all through life..
Though choosing one path over another is always tangled in strife

These decisions come with a strong sway; reflecting everything but totality..
Often forced on by circumstances; sometimes, a herd like mentality

Over the years, I have met only a few, so utterly convinced..
I ponder over their rituals, their values, how they persist

Is it faith that pulls them, cutting through the foliage of barriers..
Or can they visualize the dream upfront, making it their carrier

Is it a gut feeling, an internal radar personifying inner freedom..
Or is it a cold hearted decision, drawn with mathematical precision

Once the path is laid out, are they unhinged, unwavered in their quest..
Or is there still skepticism, about long road ahead, little flutters in the chest

Is it the zealousness shown by dreamers of the day..
A narrow cone of vision, keeping all fears at bay

Do they reaffirm the faith by constant discipline and practice..
Or is it only natural, once the neural paths are established

Are they quick adapters who criss-cross paths upon new information..
Or do they sustain, until within touching distance is their aspiration

Does the terrain affect their path, or instead does it make them leap..
Does the energy come from a source within, or is it the company they keep

Their drive is an enigma to me, which I hope to unravel..
Forever they’ll remain my inspiration, my grapple

Rare are those who have it down to utter conviction..
My path still being fallible, they have my undying admiration