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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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In self
Or someone else
In karma
Or the Divine

Prerequisites experiences galore
Intimate knowledge afore
Constant trials before
Cycles of turning back and more

Proportional to the misgiving
Crossing the chasm, often unforgiving
Mandates deep sacrifice
Such hardship, denouncing own vice

Innocence carries such weight
Rationals call it blind faith
Road paved with much queer
Held back by logic and fear

The bridge to infinite wonder, ariel
Tethered to the ground, material
Not even dimly visible
Seemingly barely credible

Only vibrations of evidence
Teachings of guides, the only providence
Eons of battles, fought hard
Just to discover head of the path

Be meticulous, it’s not a spree
Take your time, judge not thee
Hand over the key
Forget the “me”