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I absolutely love working with Intellij IDEA. I switched from Eclipse to Intellij ~4 years ago and have never looked back. Its fast, smart and a boon for productivity. I endorse it profusely to my team (as if I am being paid money for it; I don’t). Yes, they all tease me about it :)

I have created few videos of my most frequently used shortcuts. Hope it helps you.

All the shortcuts discussed in the video are listed below. Printable PDF version can be downloaded here

JetBrains’s list of suggested shortcuts can be found here (PDF)

Working with Panels

Action Shortcut
Toggle Open/Close of Project Panel Alt + 1
Toggle Open/Close of Run Panel Alt + 4
Toggle Open/Close of Debug Panel Alt + 5
Toggle Open/Close of Version Control Panel Alt + 9
Take cursor back to Editor Esc
Minimize current panel and take cursor back to Editor Shift + Esc
Open Terminal Alt + F12
Open Next Project Window Alt + Ctrl + [
Open Previous Project Window Alt + Ctrl + ]
Expand Bottom Panel Size Ctrl + Shift + Up
Shrink Bottom Panel Size Ctrl + Shift + Down
Expand Left Panel Size Ctrl + Shift + Right
Shrink Left Panel Size Ctrl + Shift + Left

Working with Files

Action Shortcut
Open a class Ctrl + N
Open a file Ctrl + Shift + N
Open anything (class, file, symbol) Double + Shift
Open Recent Files
(partials, abbreviations and wildcards)
Ctrl + E
Open Recently Edited Files Ctrl + Shift + E
Create new file/package. Alt + Ins (within project panel)

Working with Java Code

Action Shortcut
Find Action Ctrl + Shift + A
Open suggested solutions for errors Alt + Enter
Move between errors F2
Rename variable/method/class Shift + F6
Autocomplete Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Autocomplete suggestions Ctrl + Space
Smart Autocomplete Ctrl + Shift + Space
Comment / Uncomment Ctrl + /
Extract Variable Alt + Ctrl + V
Extract Field Ctrl + Alt + F
Extract Method Ctrl + Alt + M
To replace existing word instead of appending Tab
Split into variable and declaration Alt + Enter
Join lines. Ctrl + Shift + J
Organize imports Ctrl + Alt + O
Format code Ctrl + Alt + L
Template for iterating iter
Template for for-loop fori
Template for main method psvm
Templates for if null and if not null ifn, inn
Templates for System.out and System.err print sout, serr
Show Parameters Ctrl + P
Navigate to declaration (variable) or open class Ctrl + B
Show usages of class Alt + Ctrl + F7
Override parent methods Ctrl + O
Display all methods of class Ctrl + F12 (press Ctrl + F12 again to show super class)
Move between methods Alt + Up/Down arrow

Text Editing

Action Shortcut
Find Action Ctrl + Shift + A
  w/ New Scratch Buffer
  w/ Change File Language
Format Ctrl + Alt + L
Move one Word at a time Ctrl + Left/Right
Delete one Word at a time Ctrl + Backspace
Move line Alt + Shift + Up/Down
Delete Line Ctrl + Y
Duplicate Line Ctrl + D
Join Lines Ctrl + Shift + J
Clone Caret Below (custom shortcut) Ctrl + Shift + X
Select Next occurrence Alt + J
Select All occurrences Ctrl + Shift + Alt + J
Expand Selection Ctrl + W
Shrink Selection Ctrl + Shift + W
Toggle Case Ctrl + Shift + U
Find Ctrl + F
Replace Ctrl + R
  Alt + P to replace selected
  Alt + A to replace all
Find in Project Ctrl + Shift + F
  then Tab, then Enter to open

Working with Run/Debug

Action Shortcut
Run Menu Ctrl + Shift + F10
Run last app Shift + F10
Debug Menu Ctrl + Shift + F9
Debug last app Shift + F9
Toggle Breakpoint Ctrl + F8
Continue execution (until next debug) F9
Next statement F8
Go inside method F7
Restart Ctrl + F5
Force Stop Ctrl + F2
Reload Ctrl + F9


That’s it. Learning about only ~80 shortcuts will help you code much much faster and you will hardly have to use the mouse.

Start slow, maybe with 5 or 10 shortcuts and ramp up from there. If you forget a shortcut, use Ctrl + Shift + A to open Action window and type in your command instead of using the mouse.

Slowly they all become muscle memory. I promise.

Happy coding!