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Software developer, amateur photographer

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Its easy to catch the virus of your infectious smile..
After talking to you, the cheer stays with me for a while

Akin to a river, uninhibited is your extravagant grace..
Like a feather floating in the wind, silently, without a trace

I cannot overstate, the preciousness of the fact that you are sensible..
The characteristic is so rare, it makes you that much more indispensable

You are a perfect amalgam of logic, intellect and relentless ferocity..
I know you without knowing you; no point getting into the nitty-gritty

It’s impressive, the sheer talent you possess..
The day is near when you will taste sweet success

People will sympathize and share the laundry list of things for you to do..
They don’t realize you just want to be heard, such are people, what to do

They will also claim, ‘things happen, it’s a blessing in disguise’..
You won’t agree, but don’t explode and cut them down to size

If you wish to speak to someone, I am all ears..
I am also here for you, to allay any of your fears

Painful as it is now, in hindsight it will be labeled a farce..
Now stand up, dust yourself and get back on that horse

Giving advice to you is unnecessary, almost senseless..
We think of you as a fighter; our warrior princess