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Deepak Vadgama

Software developer, amateur photographer

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a pebble laid, in a garden of eden
teeming with movement & green

self-aware, highly keen
eternally inanimate, unseen

motionless, longing for elation
unceasingly, it wondered ‘creation’

fate arrived, in a playful mood
euphoric, to have finally moved

no agency, a fact rife
yet quivering, with virgin life

so many emotions, left it dazed
towards the sky, feeling amazed

reaching zenith, it came to rest
moment of stillness, meditative crest

strong belief, a dissonant theory
the dull pain, a distant memory

the joy of love
the spark of life

two stars circling, the dance & pull
closer and closer, the bliss & swoon

universe a remnant, the merge superior
two lovers, ecstasy, wild & clear

too naive, to realize own identity
evanescent joy, mistaken for personality

the downward fall, began to take
a senseless hope, that its a fake

acutely aware of blunder, began self pity
even blind cannot be forgiven, for such credulity

crashing back, to the grim reality
shattering the dim illusion of sanity

memories of zenith, stuck forever
fueling fire of demise, ever and ever

cruel it thought, to see a glimmer of hope
then cast away, an unwanted trope

incessant pain, repeatedly analyzed
crying for release, lying paralyzed