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Software developer, amateur photographer

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Hi buddy, how’s life, she said..
Hey girl, long time no see, he said

Let me tell you about this wonderful guy I met recently..
I met a girl too, only if we shared bit more frequently

He is strong, stable, like a pillar..
She has a heart of gold, her looks are killer

He is feared; lot of respect he commands..
She is ferocious when situation demands

He is like a lion, the king of the jungle..
She belongs to the sky, a star with a twinkle

He cheers me up every time I am sad..
Her company itself suffices for me, I feel so glad

He picks up the slack when I leave some..
She encourages me to push myself like I’ve never done

He thinks clearly, his decisions are based on logic and sense..
She gets so many things done, yet it never gets tense

His stories are engrossing, we are sometimes up until five..
She debates with me constantly, it’s never boring, things are always alive

He is so attune to my feelings, always listening, always interested..
She is cheerful, bubbly, wild, completely uninhibited

I’m in love, it all worked out, I’m marrying my stud soon..
It didn’t for me, I’ll keep looking, in daylight and under the moon

It was great talking to you, good luck, she said..
Ditto, my lady, until we meet again, he said