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‘God’ is an enigma which I was determined to unravel..
Curiosity brought knowledge with it, and the thoughts began to travel

Before we begin though, heed caution: this poem might make you puffy and red..
If that happens, don’t let it ruin your day; call me dumb and just move ahead

God is a fact, full of contradictions; which theories can’t convey with terse..
God permeates in every atom; yet is a whole, engulfing the universe

God is kind and ever forgiving; yet is always just..
God is an ally all powerful; yet our luck never seems to thrust

The former is God’s inert nature, while the latter Her energy called karma..
It is a balancing act based on our past deeds; scriptures call it dharma

We curse constantly about being kind yet receiving sticks we don’t deserve..
Failing to grasp the stretch of time, which flattens our actions’ shaky curve

Infinite lifetimes we travelled afar; between hell, heaven and earth..
Love for God is the only path, that breaks the cycle of death and the inevitable rebirth

This simple act of ‘attachment to God’ is lot easier said than done..
Try to focus for even 30 seconds and observe yourself being undone

Think of the wondrous cosmos and its intricate workings, this form of Hers is called nirguna..
Or think of Her leelas as manifestations on earth; these forms of avatars are called saguna

Think of this material world as an endless ordeal, where all actions lead to misery..
Or think of earth as a place of happiness, which God gave us to value Her company

God’s forms are infinite, approach whichever one appeals to you..
Beauty lies in Her personal bond with all, not just a chosen few

Getting rid of our earthly duties is not mandated; nor does She command specific asks..
Love is all she needs and all we can give; there are no other God’s “tasks”

Love and forgiveness are personifications of God, you’re not an outcast..
She pleads ‘come to me as you are, don’t be guilty of your past’

Instill humility, kindness and love within; until they become an everyday chore..
They are a reflection of Her qualities, soon you’ll start feeling Her in your core

Material world needs are infinite; they become incessantly greedy..
I try not to fuel the fire; they themselves are deceptively needy

Aforementioned cycles are equally strong yet ruthlessly effective..
Step back and think it through, choose one with a calm collective

Seek and read and watch and learn; Her knowledge is precinct everywhere..
Kripalu, Mira, Aurobindo, Kabir, so many screamed the Truth, yet we act unaware

The more you research the right literature, the clearer it all gets..
Though it’s advised to follow just one of many, else plenty confusion sets

Focus and discipline go hand in hand, and I believe they are the only way..
Faith and humility are your strongest pillars, helping oppose any other sway

You are waiting for happiness, it’s your birth right, long overdue..
Open your mind and run steadfast; with arms spread, She is calling you


  1. The poem above is based on my understanding of Kripalu Maharajji’s lectures [Hindi, English]. They are very simple, clear, yet logical. I have not researched too deep, but enough to gauge the basic fundamentals in teachings of Sri Aurobindo, ISKCON and Brahmakumaris.
  2. I recommend reading books(literature) penned by founders of these movements. Actions guided by these teachings can be misinterpreted or possibly diluted or changed over the years. Core literature on the other hand, remains the same.
  3. Most of these are variations of larger Bhakti movement on India (16th Century). Evolution of this philosophy is discussed in this video
  4. Title of the poem should be interpreted as ‘My attempt at understanding God rationally’.
  5. I address God as Her because I relate to God’s form of Radha.