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Software developer, amateur photographer

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We saw kajal off, the dust settled, then later that night I pondered..
For our story to begin, when is the kickoff, I wondered

Days went by, my phone was irritated with my constant vigil and follow..
It was gut wrenching to see the notification light still being hollow

May be she didn’t like me, maybe she isn’t single, I haven’t figured out all..
Forget about meet ups, there wasn’t even a missed call

When you blame yourself it is a new low..
No end in sight even after 2 years of being solo

I doubted myself, my abilities, my USP..
Simple person I am, not a prodigy

I called them out wondering if they were still around, my qualities..
Photography, humor and singing, all crawled out, there were no anomalies

I like independent girls and always let them be..
I never exercise control nor question, being a companion is my style not frivolity

I have been in 2 long term relationships, and they made me stronger..
Current loneliness was a choice, not result of the somber

What went wrong, why even start if for such end, the questions linger..
I liked you, really did, I’m just venting out, not pointing finger

When expectations are high and lot of desire..
I told myself, this is what happens when you play with fire

Unlike your past, I want to be a lifer..
Past will be forgotten like a bad dream, with no need to decipher

Maybe it was far fetched, with you being the Princess and me the pauper..
At our age, the least I expected was a thing called closure

The poem was long with lot of negativity..
It is because of my disappointment not the lack of creativity

Tornado of joy went through my path..
It left nothing but destruction, this is my aftermath